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The synthesizer PADIFIKATOR was created to do all sorts of sounds. Shaped Saw  wave is also here, but its configuration is somewhat different from other synthesizers as GLORIFIKATOR. A SQUARE wave is added to the oscillator before passing through the transformer block GAIN, WRAP, SHAPER SHAPER 1 and 2.The Balance control determine how much of the two waves will be passed to these transformers.
A  TRIPLE SAW wave complete the oscillators section. EQ control emphasizes the upper mids of this last wave  providing a greater presence in the mix even with a low signal respect with oscillator1.
It is easy to get all kinds of sounds, from simple or complex pads to modern synth sounds with these three waveforms
Added envelope diversity  control much of the transformers of the oscillator 1, providing more options and a higher capacity for synthesis .
The rest of the synthesizer is composed of typical envelope controls, filters and effects.

- Number of presets: 97
- Number of layers : 7 layers.
- Number of available parameters: 47
- 2 oscillators: Saw   Square Shaped, TripleSaw
- Filter: Low pass, Velocity control, keyboard tracking, resonance and envelope dedicated and high-pass filter.
- Envelope of amplification.
3d simulated
- Envelope dedicate to the filter and shaper and the oscillator 1.
- Effects: Lfo filter, flanger, delay, chorus   reverb.
- Special settings: The Parameter shaped oscillator 1 can be routed to a envelope control with selectable attack.
- Special configuration: The parameter Wrap and shaper have an envelope  controllable parameters MODENV  with attack and decay times slower.
- Special configuration: The  parameter of the filter Velocity has a gain of resonance added. This resonance is controlled by an envelope parameters fixed.

- Mode VSTi and Standalone mode: Windows XP, Windows Vista or Windows 7,8. Kurzweil PC3 series.
- Mode QACCES: Kurzweil PC3 series.
NOTE: The programs are 32-bits. The Vsti has very little CPU resource consumption. You can use a bridge in 64bit DAWs.

Listen the sounds

Download demo sounds in:

PADIFIKATOR PACK: Includes File PC3, 97 presets, Padifikator VSTi and modo standalone, preset BCR2000 and mode QACCESS files.
PRICE: 12,95 Euros.

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