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HISPAPC3 synthesizer

The synthesizer HispaPC3 is the simplest of the three, compared to other synths. Therefore, this synthesizer occupies only 6 layers and therefore are 6 voice polyphony.
The fundamental difference is the configuration of the wave Shaped Saw, the rest of oscillators and less special settings. But  two great advantages. HispaPC3  has  three waves  and  6 layers occupied only. Presented with 44 presets high cuality

This synthesizer is composed Shaped Saw  wave in the first oscillator. In the second there are 2 sawtooth waves. You can control the pitch of the first saw and set a detune of both positive and one negative for emphasis in the desentonation.

The first section complete with oscillator 3. This contains a square wave added to a PWM.
These 3 waveforms are highly complementary for pads and low, with electronic pianos and strings strong, although some are filtered sounds very good.
The control delay is manageable from the modulation wheel with the addition of the transformation of the tone of the same delay.
To complete the rest of the synthesizer comprises the typical controls filters, envelopes and effects.

- Number of presets: 65
- Number of layers : 6 layers.
- Number of available parameters: 47
- 3 oscillators: Shaped Saw, 2 sawtooth waves, TripleSaw.
- Filter: Low pass,  Velocity control, keyboard tracking, resonance and envelope dedicated and high-pass filter.
- Envelope of amplification.
- Envelope the filter and shaper and the oscillator 1.
- Effects: Flanger, Delay, chorus and reverb.
- Effects: Modulator ring.
- Special Settings: The Modulation wheel increases or decreases the delay while the tone of the repeats between semitone steps from 0 to 127.

- Mode VSTi and Standalone mode: Windows XP, Windows Vista or Windows 7,8. Kurzweil PC3 series.
- Mode QACCES: Kurzweil PC3 series.
NOTE: The programs are 32-bit. The Vsti has very little CPU resource consumption. You can use a bridge in 64bit DAWs.



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